Eva Clock Widget with my favorite wallpaper.

Installed with my favorite wallpaper

Available in android market:


Use a barcode scanner and it will direct you to the market download page.

Or search Eva

It’s so exciting to me that this morning, I finally clear all the path and uploaded the clock widget to the android market. I treat this one as an exercise for me to get started in android programming, and Widget, which I suppose would be somehow easiest, turn out to be a bit more complicated and more restricted to normal applications. Anyway, I would post the process in making in later posts as introduction tutorial to help others to start this as well.

The clock widget itself, is designed base on famous anime Neon Genesis Evangelion which recently released a new Blu-Ray movie. It is the count down of clock in the NERV base, and I took that design as the clock.

If you are a fan of that anime/film, you would know what is that 🙂 . It also shows the plugin status (external power/internal power supply). The widget is occupying 8×2 tiles on screen, and quite some space on top and bottom is left empty on purpose. I hope eva fans won’t mind to leave a little bit larger space to help the overall look and feel of the widget (and your screen). But if someone do mind, I might provide a tighter version.

In future plans, I would do the following:

  • Tap to show Secondary time
  • Show the alarm clock status
  • Warning theme (all red) when battery is low (like 30% or less) / and probably implement a count down clock for “left activity time)
  • Show Battery level during warning activated
  • transition animation from plug to unplug (well, resemble the one in original film)

If any of you have suggestion of functions, features, or comments/bug report for the program, please feel free to leave it here.

Evangelion Clock Widget

Evangelion Clock Widget in pink wallpaper