Upon updating the Evangelion clock to v1.7, I received many queries/critics about the 12 hour clock mode.

The most commonly asked question is:

how do I set 12 hour clock mode / I want my 24 hour mode back!

My current way to determine 12/24 hour display is depending on your own Android system setting. For example, in Eclair, you can press “menu” in home screen -> settings -> Date & time -> Use 24-hour format.

So, if you checked that option, the clock will display in 24 hour and vice versa for 12 hour.

I have planning on giving an option to override this, along with count down clock (which is another very popular request), but I think I won’t have time until mid-September. 😛

Another common question is:

Tapping/Touching the widget will open clock app.

Answer is yes, it is coming in forthcoming updates.

Thanks all for your support.