After researching for whole night, a few apps that can do the work is reviewed, including the following:

  1. qik
  2. Bloo

Qik is nice in interface, but still it is a stand-a-lone application and require me to register. It’s still OK to register, but it takes me a whole night to put 10 Mbs of 2 videos online.. (and the interface is reporting wrongly as well).

Bloo I have no idea why it is not working. It requires me to go to facebook and get an authorization number, but the link is not working (not even the one I found on their web site).

I think I cannot withstand the situation, even the above two works, it’s still far behind what I would expected from uploading photo, and I would develop an easy video sharing app for facebook. It will integrate into sharing button in standard android app. Check back for latest news.

BTW, what will be the best name for this thing?