Evangelion 2.22 Count down (Euro version)

After a few months of busy work, I finally managed to get back to Android development.

I am looking to the implementations of an Eva Clock, which will be a standalone desk clock app.

More images in the post:

disclaimer: Above images are captured from the movie. If copyright owner is not happy with them, I would remove it.

Above images shown the prototype I will implement first. Which is the countdown timer appeared in 2.22 You Can(not) advance, for Eva-5 (which Mari is the driver). No Japanese characters as I guess this is in the European Nerv command center. Following are the features that expected to be implemented:

  1. Clock with customizable time zone
  2. Count down (probably to 1/10 of second)
  3. Skin (Above shown Euro version, and also Jap versions)
  4. Front view or perspective view (like the one above)

I will do the Euro version with front view (I still can’t decide which way to implement the perspective view). The above features will be added in one by one, with the topmost to be highest priority.

Please leave some comments about what you expect to have in this project!