Android-Binding v0.3a preview is out. The most important feature included is the Custom View API — That means you can now make your custom view widget and do code separation with Android-Binding.

I am long for making a real-world app (and that utilize A-B) that many user would use. I think this is the time and the platform itself is much more mature and ready. So, in this series of article, I am going to do make a launcher step-by-step. I never made a launcher before, nor seriously reading the Home source code, hope I can finish the job 🙂

Here’s some background knowledge I know:

  1. A launcher is just an app. The only difference is it binds to the home-button.
  2. Launcher need to handle the drawing of widgets, which may be the most annoying part, through the remote view interface. I have a hard time writing widgets because of this.

First, we try to break down what we need:

  1. Home
    1. Support 1-7 screens
    2. Render Widgets
    3. A common bar for shortcuts
  2. All application picker
  3. Various dialogs for customization
  4. Preference screen

OK. seems application picker is the easiest, I would like to start it first 🙂