Finally, after almost 2 years I remake the whole Evangelion Clock widget. This time is a total remake and I do all the codes and graphics from scratch, and if you are a lucky kid and have a HD screen, you would really notice the difference in details. In addition, due to some popular demand, I throw in some nice feature to it and soon will release more, including:

  1. Customize Color Theme (Currently not including background color, but will soon include it)
  2. Tap to Launch (It’s Still here! Don’t trust those comments in app store) Remember to touch the “clock” instead of buttons.. buttons is doing something else
  3. Config button REALLY brings you to config
  4. Time will be current time (anyone need another time zone? poll it!)
  5. Count (not working now) is supposed to be a simple count down timer, like 3 minutes (for making cup noodles)…
  6. Batt (not now) is the “guessed” run-time remaining in your phone
  7. Mini version (removed, consider to re-include it later)

I need some help. Since multiple state will be available in the widget (battery, countdown, time etc.) I need some good Japanese words to be replaced in “活動限界までActive Time Remaining”. 活動限界まで will be reserved to battery only, but countdown/time would need a different name. If you have good idea, please comment!

Oh! forgot to mention, the config screen is powered by Android-Binding: MVVM framework for Android!