In the next major release of Android-Binding, quite a number of enhancements were made:

  1. New IKernel class to allow pluggable behavior in Android-Binding, includes adding custom Binding Providers, and possibly of changing the Syntax resolution algorithm
  2. Support Binding to View Pager which involves a few new Converters to bind “Collection” to View Pager
  3. More ICS support, particularly the Action Mode and Action Bar
  4. Added Generic View Attribute, which allows virtually any View attribute with “getter” to be functional
  5. Binding Syntax now supports “Float”, e.g. binding:width=”0.5″ will translate to FloatObservable(0.5f)

Apart from new features, some of the deprecated method/class is officially removed from the framework. Probably one that matters much will be the gueei.binding.Validation is gone from the main framework but continue to distribute as plugin. Another removed method will be setAndBindRootView/setAndBindView etc. from Binder and BindingActivity. I want to encourage the use of Activity Meta XML file for better code/frontend separation and easier to target different version of the framework.

I am expecting this will be released by end of October, if you are interested in what’s new here, please check the MarkupDemoICS in the v0.6 branch.